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Service Unit Training Opportunities

There will be more training opportunities than ever this year.  New leader training will be handled by Paula in groups of 3 or 4 leaders at a time.  The Council will still handle GSLE training.  This year Council will again defer First Aid and CPR training to the American Red Cross, however Red Cross will offer a $10 discount on registration fees with proof of Girl Scout Volunteer registration.  

Girl Scout Leadership Essentials (GSLE)

We now have an exciting NEW way to complete the GSLE training, which is required of all leaders and co-leaders –ONLINE!!!  Yes, you will no longer have to leave the safety of your homes to travel through rain, hail, sleet and snow to get this requirement out of the way!  It is preferred that the online version only be used by returning volunteers and that new leaders attend an actual training session to receive a little more one-on-one time with our adult learning team so that they can personally address any questions you might have.  Please feel free to contact  Judi Knowlton with any questions you might have on this. 

Let's Go on a Journey!

Events have been planned throughout the council to help give leaders ideas as to how they can better utilize the Journey books in their meetings and keep the girls engaged.  If you’ve been struggling for ideas to get the girls motivated, this is for you!  Events are scheduled for:   10/20 – Central Square, 11/1 -Auburn and 11/3 – Whitesboro.  Additional information can be found on the Adult Learning Calendar.

Simply Successful Overnights

Have your girls been begging to go camping?  This is your last chance to obtain the necessary training before spring!  Upcoming sessions include 10/1 – 10/2 at Camp Trefoil, 10/8 – 10/9 at Yaiewano and 10/22 – 10/23 at Amahami.  If interested, REGISTER NOW, as the classes may be cancelled due to low enrollment!  For additional information, please contact adult learning at:

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